Payment & Delivery

Are you looking for parts? How to place order?

1. First of all, we speak Thai and English. 🙂 Please send price inquiry to Email It is highly recommended that you include VIN number! We will be in touch with you ASAP.

2. Payment: Bank Transfer / Cash (Sorry, no credit card!)
In some cases, we may need your deposit as confirmation. Our colleagues will inform you case by case.

3. Delivery: Let us know in advance if you need this arrangement.

A friendly note to customers from oversea, we accept cash in Thai Baht only.

How to get here?

Self-collection: open Google Map and type “Hah Huat Seng Autopart” or ฮะฮวดเส็ง. The location is precise!


Let us know if you need us to deliver for you. There would be additional charges for this service (charged by delivery companies not us! :D)